Relief it in the Air

We know eating clean is better for the body, and the same applies to the air we breathe. Air Purifier is simple, elegant and has a new compact design that is 40% smaller than the other Air Purifier.

Net Air Volume




Ion Generator

It produces a concentration of 3 million negative oxygen ions, removing 99.97 percent of PM2.5

Touch Control

One-touch switch for immediate operation device. On and off with a finger.

True Filter

The GreenAir is the easy and safe way to eliminate all germs, odours and pollutants from the air of your home, office, etc.

High air pressure, larger circulation

Every way the
wind blows

Purifying pollutants in the air

Send powerful gusts of air to the farthest reaches of your room. Inspired by aircraft engines, the aerodynamic pressure system created by our R&D team draws inward from the base and expels air upwards with great force

Easy to operate

Smart phone controls let you switch on and off remotely, even when you are away from home. That way you can always be sure to come home to clean air.

Super silently technology

Sleep soundly with the ultra-quiet GreenAir. Advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind resistance so you can enjoy peace and silence at night.

Product structure

3-in-1 true HEPA filter, removing PM2.5, HCHO, bacteria, pollen, smoke,
mold spores, dust, odors and pet dander

Primary filter

Remove airborne bacterid mould/funghi

True HEPA filter

Traps harmful particles, such as pet dander, dust, mitea, pollen, tobaco

Carbon filter

Remove pet odors, cigarette, smoke, cooking smells

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Smart Air Purifier for your healthy life. GreenAir circulates clean air indoors with
a pressure system that propels air to every corner of the room.



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We don’t want to be one of those tech firms that tell you their whole life story: you’re just here to buy a smart air purifier.

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